Description du projet

Historic Castles & Monuments

> Castle of loyat – 10 min
Around the castle of the eighteenth century, there is a forest park and gardens classified in part Historical Monuments. The whole of 150 ha reserve places of visit, vegetable garden, mirror of water, populetum, quercetum …. and places of relaxation.

> Trécesson Castle, Campénéac – Landmark / point of interest – 13 min
Built in the 15th century. Majestic and evocative, the castle sits in its pond and keeps the tragic memory of this bride buried alive at the foot of its walls.
Visible from outside only, all year round.

> Chateau des Rohan and its garden, Josselin – A must-see – 15 min

> Coëtbo Castle, Guer – 20 min
Built in the 17th century by Pierre Hureau, a royal architect, next to the site of an old fortress destroyed during the wars of religion by the troops of Mercoeur, the castle consists of a main building flanked by two pavilions.

> Comper Castle, Arthurian Imaginary Center, Concoret – Landmark – 23 min

> Domaine de Kerguéhennec, Bignan – 30 min
Fan of contemporary art, lover of botany or architecturethe castle and the park of Kerguéhennec reveal to you their treasures, natural and cultural. For more information, click here

> Manoir de Bray, Sixt-sur-Aff – 30 min

> Castle of Boutavent – 30 min
Proudly set up on its rocky outcrop facing the forest of Brocéliande this medieval site of the country of Brocéliande.

> Breil Castle, Iffendic – 35 min

> Chapelle Saint-Joseph and The Papegault tower: Site and historical monument, Montfort-sur-Meu – 42 min

> Castle of Hédé – 1h
The town of Hede is formed, according to the consecrated expression, in the shade of its castle, which is cited from the 11th century.