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Legendary site in the heart of Broceliande

Forest of Dream and enchantment, forest of legendary fright, Brocéliande mingle the sons of nature, history and legend. Through the rock, water, trees, they unite and respond to constantly recompose the fascination of a forest world of trees and armor.


Le Val Sans Retour and the Golden Tree

Legend tells us that this mysterious valley, located a stone’s throw from the town of Tréhorenteuc, would be the domain of the fairy Morgane, sister of King Arthur. The latter, betrayed by her lover, would have cast a spell over this valley: all men infidels by gesture and thought will henceforth remain prisoners …

But also, discover a thousand-year-old art, the training of falcons, unique site in Brittany in Beignon just 18 minutes from the Domaine Le Roi Arthur : Presentation in Slideshow

The Barenton Fountain

The Fountain of Barenton is one of the most famous legendary sites of the Brocéliande forest. At his side is a flat stone, an old cover of the latter. This flat stone is nicknamed « the Perron of Merlin » or « the Mentle of Barenton ». It is said that one can make a vow and so instantly, the fountain makes bubbles, our wish will be fulfilled …

L’Hôtié or house of Viviane

Also known as « Tombeau des druides », the Hivé de Viviane, located above the Val-sans-Retour, culminates at an altitude of 191m.

The Giant’s Tomb

This tomb was built from 4 menhirs that stood in this place around 2200 BC.

The Garden of the Monks

The Jardin aux Moines is a megalithic site, dating from 3000 to 2500 BC. It would be an ancient Neolithic mound. Discover his legend …

The Tomb of Merlin

Originally, the tomb of Merlin is a covered walkway of 12m long dating from the Neolithic. This site would be the place where Viviane, the beautiful one of Merlin, would have decided to lock her in an air prison, so that it remains forever by his side, in Brocéliande …

The fountain of Youth

A few steps from the Tomb of Merlin, this little fountain has wonderful virtues … It offers to all people respecting some conditions, an eternal youth!

Oak of Guillotin (Concoret)

The Oak at Guillotin, also called Oak Eon, is a hollow oak of more than 1000 years that measures 9.65m in circumference for 20m high.
This remarkable tree of Brittany

Oak of the Hindré (Paimpont)

The Oak of the Hindres is one of the only sites located in state forest. Hindi means humid place. This tree with a large straight stem and branches that serpentine majestically would be about 500 years old. It was the site of many Druidic ceremonies. At its foot, one can see an old search of charcoal burners, this activity having been very important in the forest of Brocéliande.

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