Small cities of character

Josselin and his castle (10 min)

Malestroit (15 min)
Small Morbihan village is located at the confluence of the Oust and the Canal from Nantes to Brest. City of Character formerly surrounded by 900 meters of walls, there remain only a few vestiges of these fortifications, of which the Porte Saint Michel is the emblem.

Lizio (18 min)

Its history resembles those of rural communes of Brittany. Nevertheless, certain features of its granite architectural heritage give the borough a small urban appearance that is to be compared to that generated by the prosperity of textiles in the cities.

– Museum of a scrap metal poet
– Insectarium
– Painting exhibition
– The House of the Clowns
– Ecomuseum of old crafts and antiques

Rochefort-En-Terre (28 min)
One of the most beautiful « small cities of character » of Brittany. Come and meet men and women of passion who will share their art and know-how.

Montfort-Sur-Meu –Coup de Coeur – (40 min)

Precinct of the medieval city with sites and historical monuments

  The unavoidable:
– Vallon from the room to the Loup to the paces of small canyon
– Lake Trémelin in the heart of 220 ha of forest
– The estate of Boutavent and its mysterious stones
– Careil Bird Sanctuary
– School house of the 50’s
– The motte and medieval garden of Bédée
– Interpretive trails
– L’asparte, place of contemporary art
– Geocaching, hunting for the treasures of modern times

La Roche-Bernard (43 min)
From the church camped on the top of the city to the harbor, many alleys invite you to discover the old quarters. Behind the carved porches, hide art workshops and beautiful surprises like the museum of the Vilaine maritime installed in the castle of Basses-Fosses. It overlooks the harbor of Rhodoir and its old rigging. From the founding river, the viewpoint of the city is even more striking.