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Visit of Ploërmel

Ploërmel, The Legend

With its 250 ha, the Lac au Duc is one of the largest lakes in Brittany. Stopover and full of guaranteed charms

Cultural Heritage

The richness of the historical heritage of the Brocéliande Destination is not a legend!
To take you to the discovery of the old times of the Destination, 6 virtual visits in 3 D are proposed to you:

• Ploërmel in the 13th century
• The megalithic site of Monteneuf in the Neolithic
• The Castle of Comper at Concoret in the 15th c.
• Josselin in the 16th c.
• The Prieuré de la Madeleine in Malestroit in the 14th c.
• The feudal mound of the Camp des Rouëts at Mohon in the 12th c.
• Ploërmel in the 13th century.

Numeric tablets are available all year round free of charge with deposit in the Tourist Offices (reservation recommended).

For groups, possibility of a virtual tour with local guide in room on big screen (group rate applied: 3.50 € / person)


Inner courtyard of the Mother House of the Brothers
Constructed by Brother Bernardin from 1850 to 1855, the astronomical clock is located within the walls of the house of the Brothers of Mennais.

It marks seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, centuries, sunrise and sunset, and at the same time time in every part of the world! To this clock was attached a system showing in their place the Earth and the planets known at the time (except Neptune and Pluto).


A craftsman watchmaker makes you discover and share his passion all year round.
Repair shop of old or modern watchmaking such as watches, clocks, clocks, clocks, alarm clocks …


Built at the end of the 19th century and recently renovated, the Chapelle Bleue (because of its blue stained glass windows) or Sainte Marie des Carmes is now an exhibition space in summer and a performance hall from October to June. Open to the public: June to September.


Shop showing the production of lead alloy figurines, 1st Empire and military schools. Figurines made on the spot.
The manufacturer and restorer of lead soldiers mold the parts into a lead alloy. At demolding, it debars the « body » of the figurine. He carefully welded the different elements (weapons …) and then put them in color. He respects the accuracy of the original arms and uniforms.

Activities with your family

The Nautical Club of the Country

The nautical club of Pays de Ploërmel on the banks of the Lac au Duc in the heart of the Morbihan offers numerous water sports activities throughout the year. Do you like kayaking, sailing, water skiing or wakeboarding? Welcome to the nautical club of Ploërmel – Taupont!

Fishing lake duke

Our region has 300 km of rivers and streams! Inhabited of trout, pikeperch, perch or pike, impossible to leave empty-handed … The association « l’Ablette Ploërmelaise » ensures the fish farming of these rivers and proposes different routes.

ULM club Brocéliande

Go to the ULM club Brocéliande for an unforgettable trip. Your adventure begins with the discovery of the Lac au Duc and the forest of Brocéliande, before going to meet the many castles of the department: Castle of Josselin, Castle of the Wood of Roche, Castle of Trécesson, Castle of Comper, Castle of The Touch Larcher, Castle of Loyat.

Open all year.

Loyat Aerodrome
Tel: 02 97 73 89 33

Swimming pool

2 basins. Learning, improvement, aquagym, babies, aquabike rental
Open all year (except Christmas holidays and 2 weeks end of June / beginning of July)

Tel: 02 97 39 67 74

Tennis Club Ploërmelais

1 outdoor area in the sports complex, open all year. Free.
1 outdoor area, at Lac au Duc (next to the campsite of the lake) in free access all the year. Free.

Elite paintball

In the middle of the quarries of Cô, between fields and forest, Elite Paintball offers more than one hectare of paintball leisure.

Open all year from Tuesday to Sunday from 14h.
Package starting from 20 €.

Elite Paintball
Careers in Cô, 56800 PLOËRMEL

Gliders in Broceliande

Practice of gliding, courses, initiation and improvement courses, baptisms.
Open all year.

Loyat Aerodrome
Tel: 02 97 93 00 80