Description du projet

Walks in the heart of Broceliande

The favorites

> Around the Jardin aux moines (13Km)

> Canal from Nantes to Brest
A 50 km long towpath along the Canal from Nantes to Brest: from St Congard to the Forges.
The +: trail of discovery of the canal composed of 10 panels. A little boy, Jean, goes to meet his grandfather. Along the route, he finds the various characters who « lived » the canal

> Circuit In the Heart of Brocéliande (4Km)
– Abbey of Paimpont: Benedictine monastery from the XIIIth century, it was occupied until the Revolution by canons.
– La Croix Judicaël: Saint-Judicaël, founder of the abbey of Paimpont, was also the king of Domnonée.
– The pond of Paimpont: magnificent body of water of 50 hectares.
– Cave Notre-Dame de Paimpont: This cave has become a true place of pilgrimage since the time of the monks.

> The Boucle of Megaliths (15 km)
– The Menhirs of Monteneuf
– Chôme de Couëplan and La Roche blanche
– Covered alleys of the Lodge Morinais, Bordoués ….

> The Valley of the Canut
A trail of 2.7 kilometers
At the gates of Rennes, a natural area protected by the Department, the valley of the Canut alternates moors, woods and meadows. The place is home to about a hundred rare species.

> Circuit The Clairiere of St-Péran (16Km)
– The Saint-Pierre Church of Saint-Péran
– The chapel of Coganne
– Le Serein: this river runs through a valley encased on the communes of St Péran, Tréffendel and Monterfil.
– The laundry: composed of a basin and a frame on pile, this place from the sixth century was a place of exchanges of the community of the villagers.

> The Drank Loop (11Km)
– The village of Boscher, one of the most beautiful villages in our region, especially at the flower season.
– La Pierre Tremblante, a huge stone block of 25 tons.
– The Butte du Dran, the highest point in the town of Guer.
– The millennial yew, ancient tree of the village of Moutiers.

> The gardens of Brocéliande
In the perfume of roses, walking on the pebbles or at 6m high, amazing animations delight young and old in this floral park. For the 24 ha, paths charming the look and the nose in the heart of the collections of lilac, Roses or irises.

> Railway Station
Stroll in the wilderness on an old railway track with an atypical decoration worthy of a station of the 19th century