Leisure activities

in Bocca di Feno

The Bocca di Feno Pool

In the peaceful setting of the Bocca di Feno holiday home, the pool is reserved for Bocca di Feno guests. It’s the ideal place to chill out in southern Corsica. Enjoy winding down in the well-being whirlpool bath, enjoying a relaxing time with your family or friends in our hotel residence here in Bonifacio.

Pool, 22 m x 6 m – free-standing shower to wash before you get in

Leisure centre

Tennis – Bowling court – Palets (Breton puck game) – Ping Pong – Board games

There’s a schedule for reservations. To borrow equipment such as racquets and balls, please ask at reception.

Armchair athletes

A large TV lounge is available to watch all the matches, as well as keep up with the news and watch films.

Match de tennis
Plus de Loisirs

French bowling


Plus de Loisirs

Table tennis

Breton games

Plus de Loisirs

Card games

Small living room 

Plus de Loisirs

Chess games

TV lounge

Beaches in Bonifacio

Closest beaches to Bocca di Feno (2,500m): Stagnolu Beach

La Tonnara Beach – La Testa – Campo Mezzano (Ventilègne gulf)

Beach near La Trinité: Paraguano Beach

Below the Bonifacio citadel: Fazio Beach

Below the Capo Pertusato and near the Pointe de Spérone: Grand Spérone Beach – Petit Spérone Beach

By Piana island: Piantarella Beach – Cala longa Beach

In the Santa Manza gulf: Maora Beach –Balistra Beach –Roca Bianchi Beach –La Rondinara Beach

Sport for everyone in Bonifacio

Go alone or with family or friends

Fun on wheels: bicycles, scooters, off-road vehicles, buggies, quads…..


18-hole golf course: mini-golf and Spérone Golf courses

Water sports

Windsurfing, kiteboarding

Scuba diving

Yachting school, Jet ski, sailing


Bonifacio and environs

Hiking along cliff-top trails, by rivers or the sea, in the mountains, you can visit the area, checking out the flora and fauna of southern Corsica.

Closest trails: Tamaricciu, Rondinara, Lavezzu island, Strada de Vecia, la Testa de Ventilègne, la Trinité, Capu di Fenu, Paragan in Tunara, Pertusato.

A little further: Serra di Scopamenu, Monaccia d’Ollène, Porto Vecchio

Even further (around 1 hr 20 min) but just as extraordinary and harder: Uomo diCagna, Piscine di Ghjaddu, plateau du Cuscionu in Alta Rocca

Retail therapy galore!

In Bonifacio, superb boutiques welcome you in the upper city and on the Marina, no point trying to resist!

Fashion, arts & crafts, decorations, gifts, news kiosks, shops are all open until 11.00 pm in the summer.

You can even do your grocery shopping since there are all kinds of shops including bakeries, delicatessens and other boutiques selling traditional produce (hams, figatelli, local cheese, Moor bread, ls ambruchatas, wine and spirits like myrte). There’s a farmer’s market twice a week along the upper city (cheese, cold meats, traditional bread, fruit and vegetables).

A great night out in Bonifacio, on the Marina and in the upper city

Restaurants, bars and cafés feature various mouth-watering menus!!! There are events, shows and festivals such as “Festi lumi”, a light festival at the citadel, not to mention some breath-taking firework displays

Every night on the marina, you can admire the boats which in themselves are works of art!